Earth has seen much turmoil from the early 21st centry and into the 22nd centry, with collapses of grand unions, economies and resources. Unions fell as resources that were the fundamental base of its economical succes were used. Economies began to crumble underneath the imaginary foundation of unlimited growth, which they advocated, and resources were used up to satisfy the, leading world powers, cold war situation.

The resources which was the key to the collapse of Earth was oil and natural gas, a global war followed short after when these resources were used, that lead to the demise of the three economical world powers, namely; Western Economical Union (WEU), the Trans-Afro-EuroAsian Federation (TAEAF) and Global South Economical Mutual Alliance (GSEMA).

After this war, a periode known as the Reconstruction Era came to be. It officially lasted twenty years, but some would argue it is still happening. It was under a worldwide conference, in the Reconstruction Era, the term Gaia was decided to be the official name for Earth and Earthlings, now known as Gaians.

The Reconstruction Era saw the raise of several philosophies and state practices, revived from ancient times, other from more modern times and some came to be under the Reconstruction Era. It is largely agreed that the following labeling of practices came to be. Revivalism, Syndicalism and Neo Eraism.

Gaia is compromised by more then seventeen grand powers, seventy-five Syndicalist Federations, seventy-three Revivalist Confederations and fifty-nine Neo Era Green-States.

The seventeen grand powers are all a collection of indenpendant states which give a share of their resources to compete on scientific, social and environmental issues with other grand powers. An interesting fact is, that non of these grand powers have a capital and no own no land of their own. This is caused by the remnant of the Information Age, the Internet. The grand powers of Gaia are all digitally based and exist only as long as it is needed. They are all known as D^3. Digital Direct Democracies.


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