Welcome to the Solar World

This all-purpose world is set in 2156 within the solar system, with a 50-60’s Retrofuturist world setting. In this setting, Earth is as split up as today but have managed to revive the ideas of space exploration, colonisation of Mars and the creation of the Bubble Moons orbiting both Venus and Mercury.
Space stations are often nationally owned, or made by privateers as Intersolar Stations, these stations can be considered to be the equivalent of highway stop. As space travelling in Solar World is not as easy. Free-roaming space is highly dangerous and therefore has lead to the development of Intersolar Travel Channels, commonly known as Channels. These channels are long flexible rings bound together by an metalic net. They are constructed by Exploration Crews, who have no national or corporate affiliations.

On this wiki, you will be able to find information about the mainstream ideas of this setting, technologies, information on Bubble Moons, Space Stations and general information about characters, occupations and much more.

The Solar World